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We've not yet met but I'm sure we will get along just fine (after all, who doesn't love food?!) I started FoodSocial as a way to connect with other like-minded people when I first arrived in Australia. Since then, I've met many amazing people and many friendships and connections have been formed through this entrepreneurial dream. Thank you for being part of this growing community!

Come and say hi! Or better yet, see you at one of the many events.

Pheh Sze, Teh 

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My Story

FoodSocial is started with a dream of connecting like-minded people through food and culture. The founder, Pheh Sze (or more commonly known as PS), is born in Malaysia, graduated as a pharmacist from the UK and then migrated to a country she’s never been before, Australia. Everywhere she goes, she seemed to connect with food lovers all around the world. Moving to a new country, food is the gateway of connection. She loves traveling and getting to know the culture through food. Her next mission in life is to connect food lovers around the world, city by city.

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